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Viewpoints for Playbuilding

Goldele Rayment, Artistic Director of Company of Rogues, will lead teachers through a practical workshop exploring viewpoints and their impact on playbuilding. Adapted for stage acting by Anne Bogart, The Viewpoints, is an improvisational system that trains an actor to use their body in time and space to create meaning. 

The workshop will unveil the points of awareness that a performer or creator has while working. These points provide a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture as you make offers, accept offers, extend moments (such as repeating a gesture or a shape) and advance the scene. 

Workshop content will focus on teachers giving students the tools to create dramatic meaning and successful group performances and is applicable to all year levels.

We will also cover techniques for scaffolding and structuring group-devising activities for your classroom. 

Goldele is a Director, Dramaturge, Teaching Artist, founder of Company of Rogues and traverses the country inspiring students with her passion for developing the collaborative skills of young Australian artists. Goldele has numerous directorial credits to her name whilst maintaining her own professional acting career.