Let's Dance Participation Guidelines

Let's Dance Participation Guidelines


Teachers enrol via registration form on CaSPA website to indicate interest and number of students attending.

Let's Dance 2018 is a NESA approved course. Teachers who wish to attain accreditation for participation in this event must register separately via PHRIS/ELM. Course code: 2000-4844


Schools may nominate any number of students to attend from a small ensemble to a whole grade. No soloists please as the focus is on group composition.

The age range for this event is from Year 5 and above.

Various levels of ability will be catered for from novice to advanced however students should demonstrate a willingness to DANCE.


Once registered, each school will be given instructions on how to access the “Let’s DANCE” stimulus choreography online via CaSPA Resources. This stimulus starter phrase will be the springboard into your students’ choreographic/ compositional ideas to be developed in ANY style to the duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. There is also a “Meet the Choreographer” clip on the webpage that will allow your students to become familiar with this years’ artist and the context of their work.


Each school group will perform their choreographic work & receive feedback from the choreographer around its construction & performance. Your school’s backing track or accompaniment will need to be edited to 1 min 30 sec & uploaded to the “Let’s DANCE” Google Drive folder no later than Friday 20 July. Each school will be allocated NO LONGER THAN 8 minutes stage time, NO MORE than 5 interpretations per school. If more than ONE work per school, each group must directly segue into the next. Any ONE work must not exceed the 1 minute 30 second time limit.

The running order will be determined on the day.


Students will be able to use the stage space to showcase their work. Stage Dimensions: 9.6m (wide) x 4.8m (deep) x 600mm (high) 


“Let’s DANCE” will commence promptly at 9.30am so we ask that all schools make the necessary travel arrangements to arrive at the venue no later than 9am.

Access to SCCVC is via the Neich Parade entrance only.


Students should come attired in sensible and comfortable clothing. School sports uniform is ideal. Dancers may change into appropriate dance shoes but will not require changing into a performance costume.


Students should bring sufficient food and water for the day. Students will not have access to the SCCVC Canteen. Supervising staff will be able to order their lunch from the school canteen prior to 9:30am. Food can only be consumed during the breaks in the courtyard outside the SCCVC Theatre.


Students will have access to the SCCVC toilets in the main courtyard. Students who need to leave the theatre at any time are asked to do so in pairs.


Schools must provide adequate teacher supervision for the number of students participating.  Supervising teachers must also have immediate access to student emergency contact details on the day and any emergency response plans for acute medical conditions.


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