Primary Boys Bootcamp Participation Guidelines

Primary Boys Bootcamp Participation Guidelines

Term 2 Week 4 Monday 21 May

Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood

9:00am – 2:00pm


Teachers are required to register via the CaSPA website.

The 2018 Primary Bootcamp for Boys is a NESA approved course. Teachers who wish to attain accreditation for participation in this event must register separately via PHRIS/ELM. Course code: 2000-4894


Schools may nominate boys from Year 5 – Year 6 only to participate in this event.

Workshop Content

All students will experience a workshop in dance, drama and music throughout the course of the day.


Access to Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College is via the Neich Parade entrance only.

Schools are asked to make the necessary travel arrangements to be present at the venue at 9:00am for registration and group welcome/introduction.


Students should be dressed in their school sports uniform.  


Students need to bring their own food and drinks for the day and will not have access to the school canteen. Food and drinks can only be consumed during the breaks in the outside courtyard. Teachers will be able to order their lunch from the school canteen prior to 9:30am.


Students will have access to the school toilets in the main courtyard. Students who need to leave their room at any time must do so in pairs.

Duty of Care

Schools must provide adequate teacher supervision for the number of students participating. Supervising teachers must have immediate access to student emergency contact details on the day and any emergency response plans for acute medical conditions.

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