Touring Works Audition Requirements

Touring Works Audition Requirements

The 2018 Touring Works show will combine singing, dancing and acting into one performance.

Students from Year 5 - Year 11 may audition.

Students can only audition for 1 discipline.



Students are asked to prepare a 2 minute piece of their own choosing that best demonstrates their performance skills. This may be a poem or any excerpt from a play, novel or song etc. Original work is also welcome.

Students must be willing to work in small groups, to engage in improvisation and read from an unprepared script.



Students will be given choreography at the audition. They must demonstrate a strong performance technique and performance quality, show an ability to connect to an audience and interpret and retain given choreography.

Students must also demonstrate skills of collaboration and teamwork. 



Students are required to prepare 2 contrasting pieces of approx. 1 minute each that best represent their vocal quality. 
Students will perform their pieces unaccompanied. 
Students may be required to sing a simple harmony to demonstrate their ability to blend vocally and must be willing to work collaboratively as part of an ensemble.