Vincent Huynh


Vincent was part of the vocal program from 2015- 2016. His favourite CaSPA memory is 2016's CaSPA Live event in which they sang "Compass of my Life" composed by James Long. He got to wear a large fur coat and heels; he says that he had never felt more glamorous or free than when he was singing with some of the most amazing young performers. Another favourite CaSPA memory is the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in which he reunited with his CaSPA family after having graduated a year prior. Getting to sing with them all again was such a fulfilling experience for him.

CaSPA taught him to not only work as a team with your fellow peers but also how to be self-reliant and autonomous in your work. On top of all of the music theory and the vocal techniques that come hand-in-hand with a performing arts program, CaSPA showed him how to be a voice that inspires others as well as himself. From working with all of the amazing tutors and directors at CaSPA, he has learnt how to take on those responsibilities for himself and others with a fun and vibrant approach.

Currently, Vincent is studying a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Australian Institute of Music and he travels around Sydney looking for performance opportunities in the amateur theatre community. He intends to find professional acting work, whether that be on stage or on screen. He has a passion for teaching and education of the arts and is still involved in the Performing Arts.