Battle of the Artz participation guidelines

Battle of the Artz participation guidelines

2019 Theme: DIVERSITY

Schools may interpret the 2019 theme in any way to create a film. Your film must include or feature dance, drama, voice or music or any combination of these disciplines eg:

Video drama: tell a story or convey a point of view on this year's theme through filmed images and words. Submissions may be in any theatrical style or dramatic form or film genre (Soap Opera, Documentary, Bio-pic, A-day-in-the-life, etc) and should incorporate a variety of appropriate film, sound and editing techniques.

Dance on film: create a short film in which dance is the central theme of a story. Submissions may include any style of dance incorporating a variety of filming and editing techniques to create the plotline around the theme.

Storytelling through song and music composition: communicate this year’s theme via storytelling through song and music composition. Submissions may include any musical style incorporating a variety of filming and editing techniques.

Films may be in any form eg: narrative, documentary, experimental or claymation.

Films must not exceed 2 minutes duration.

Schools are asked to read Battle of the Artz judging criteria and copyright information carefully.

Your film must be uploaded to your Google Drive and shared with [email protected] by Term 3 Week 8 Friday 13 September. Submissions will not be accepted after this date. The name of the file you submit must contain the following information: 2019 BOA/School Name/Film Title.  

Finalists announced Term 3 Week 9 Friday 20 September. 

Winner and People's Choice Award announced Term 3 Week 10 Friday 27 September. 


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