Creating Collaborative Cultures

Creating Collaborative Cultures


"The CaSPA team worked well to upskill students and teachers in the areas of scriptwriting, dance, singing, stage presence and recording. Our school play was a great success and this was evident in the reflections from all students involved, along with parent and staff comments." - Teacher

Creating Collaborative Cultures is an initiative promoting positive primary and secondary connections and pathways.

The most recent project was based at Champagnat College Pagewood in collaboration with St Bernard's Botany and St Andrew's Malabar focusing on education through the arts and more specifically, through playbuilding.

It aimed to develop literacy skills in drama and produce a professional film product promoting quality education, student growth and the positive impact of the arts on student learning.  

"The end result was not the actual play, though that was fantastic, it truly was the gems of teaching from the directors, the games and the interaction between students and teachers along the way."  Teacher reflection.  

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