Goodjarga Ensemble Performance

Goodjarga Ensemble Performance

We have loved the recent experience of performing in the Inner West Goodjarga Performance Ensemble because we've learnt more about our culture and have met new friends! 

We were invited to perform for the 2018 Eora Elder's Olympics so worked with professional songman, Stuart McMinn, to prepare four traditional dances. The dances were about welcoming and respecting people and being humble, woman's yam-digging and men's fishing and saying farewell but knowing we will all meet again some day. 

We wore beautiful costumes and were painted up in ochre. The girls were given yam-digging sticks to dance with that Stuart made and decorated with oil and feathers and Stuart lent the boys his very own shields, clubs and spears so everyone looked amazing. It definitely helped us dance better. Stuart was dressed in kangaroo and possum skins and wore red ochre which signifies he is fully initiated. 

We think it is very important for us to be doing this because it lets elders know that we young people are still involved with and interested in our culture and because it helps us get more involved in our history and we can really get into the spirit of it. 

By Taalyah Munmurrie and Mahalliyah Hayes Inner West Goodjarga Performance Ensemble