In-School Mentoring for Stage 6 Music Teachers and Students on Core Composition

In-School Mentoring for Stage 6 Music Teachers and Students on Core Composition

In 2016, Brigidine College Randwick developed a service agreement with CaSPA to mentor their Stage 6 music teachers in core composition (Australian music strand) utilising Sibelius. 

Music teacher Jacqui Ainsworth said they engaged CaSPA’s music adviser James Long as it had been a few years since Music 2 had been run at the school, and it was her first time teaching the subject.

“I also wanted to get an idea of the standards of these compositions and what was expected from the students to get a good mark.”

James Long’s mentorship involved five sessions with the College’s Year 12 music class. He led them through a range of areas including getting started, composing a second contrasting idea, transitioning between the ideas, and different compositional techniques the students could use.

He also worked with the girls to write some atonal music, which they had struggled with as they were more comfortable creating ‘nice’ sounds and any dissonance put them off.

Ms Ainsworth said she would highly recommend utilising these CaSPA resources and the wonderful James Long, who was always happy to help and answer any questions.

“It was fantastic to get such wonderful professional development with basically one-on-one chats and feedback with James. It definitely makes us more confident for future years of Music 2 core composition as well as providing us with resources that can also be used in Stage 5 and 6.”

Ms Ainsworth added that the College’s Stage 6 music teachers and students will be continuing to develop their knowledge, appreciation and skills in composition after signing up for more CaSPA mentoring this year.