Industry Professionals Reflection

Industry Professionals Reflection

Becoming part of this year’s Senior Drama Ensemble, I did not know what to expect. Every year I have participated in the ensemble, CaSPA has approached from a different angle. Whether it’s interactive theatre, or a filmed spectacular, my experience with CaSPA has been fruitful in variety. Upon Joining the Caspa Ensemble for my last year and discovering that I would learn to sing and dance, I was overjoyed. In tandem with working with industry professionals, it was an opportunity that I couldn't possibly pass up.

Now, “The Greatest Showman” is an amazing film which I absolutely love, and getting the opportunity to sing it with industry professional Prinnie Stevens was exactly what myself and the drama ensemble needed to develop and create some excellent singing skills. Prinnie did an amazing job of allocating specific singing roles to students and playing to their strengths, as well as telling us of her amazing industry experiences.

Erin James was valuable to the furthering of the drama ensemble skills as she excelled in mime and musical theatre. This allowed us to entice our acting palette with some new and exciting skills that we will hopefully be able to utilise in our spectacular performance later in the year.

Last but not least, Jason Lewis was quite possibly one of the hardest working, because he actually managed to fix my two left feet! Jason was very personable and fun loving, and simply by working with him you can see not only the love he has for his work, but the love he has for working with today’s youth which he did so passionately and diligently. 

By Michael Monk, Senior Drama Ensemble