Student Ensembles

Student Ensembles


Nothing can be worse than a return to normality...
In 2021 the CaSPA LiVE Showcase will take a new 'choose your own adventure' format.
The innovative Student Ensembles will engage in a film and media project to collaboratively create and re-imagine a new world so that the audience can select their pathway and outcome for each Arts portal. A portal being a gateway from one world to the next. 
The audience will engage in flexible thinking, user choice, interactive play and imaginative worlds. 



Students selected to perform in the 2021 Student Ensembles will:

- Apply adaptive thinking 
- Actively collaborate 
- Exemplify a curiosity and willingness for critical and creative thinking 
- Model excellence in their chosen artform 

 CLICK HERE to Audition for CaSPA's 2021 Dance, Drama and Vocal performance ensembles.

- Limited places in the 2021 Student Ensembles 
- Live rehearsals with flexible scheduling 
- Unique opportunity to work with a small specialist group 

Thanks so much for an amazing first year at Caspa this year, my child has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and developed as a performer as well! The CaSPA team has been exceptional in their delivery of the program during this tricky time and I appreciate everything you do! I will be encouraging my child to audition again for next year's Vocal program to continue this wonderful journey! Thank you all for the extra support and the fantastic opportunity for all the students!"
Parent of CaSPA Ensembles Student, 2020